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Morača Monastery

Morača Monastery is located near Svetigora wateralls, along the river Morača and is one of the most important religious monuments in Montenegro. Monasterz was built by Stefan Nemanjić in 1252. The assembly church is a big one-nave building in the Rascian style, devoted to the Assumption of Mary, including a smaller church devoted to Saint Nicholas, as well as lodgings for travellers. The main door has a high wall which has two entrances, in the romantic style. Beside the architecture, its frescoes are of special importance; the oldest fresco depicting eleven compositions from the life of the prophet Elias date to the 13th century, while the rest, of lesser condition, date to the 16th century.

Road to the monastery leadas through the canyon of Morača, one of the most picturesque and sttractive canyons in Europe. Do not miss the opportunity to experience this jorney, as well as stop and take pictures of this breath-taking beauty!

Excursion duration: 3-4 hours (monastery visit stop up to 2 hours)

Price: Car with a driver: 40€

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