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Cetinje is the old capital of Montenegro, built in XV century by Ivan Crnojević, the most powerful ruler of the Crnojević dynasty.

Cetinje still preserves valuable Montenegrin history and culture. Monastery of Cetinje was rthe biggest center of Montenegrin education and culture during past centuries. There are being kept three of the Christian holy shrines: Hand of the Holy Jovan Krstitelj (who baptized Jesus Christ), relics of the Holy Petar Cetinjski and “Čestica Časnog Krsta Gospodnjeg” (part of the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified).

Government House, Castle of the Prince, “Zetski dom”, Örlov krš”, “Njegoševa Biljarda”, The Church on Ćipur, the French Embassy Building dating from 1910., are just some of the cultural and historical sights because of which is worth using your free time to visit this town, just 30km away from Podgorica.

Excursion duration: 3-4 hours (2 hours stay at Cetinje)

Price: Car with a driver: 35€

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